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Meizu HD60: wireless headphones with up to 25 years autonomy, USB-C port and $71 price tag

Meizu HD60: wireless headphones with autonomy up to 25 years, USB-C port and $71 price tag' / ></p>
<p>Okrimi gaming smartphone Meizu 16T, the Chinese maker today showed Meizu HD60 wireless headphones.</p>
<h3>What do you see</h3>
<p>As you can imagine from the name, the headphones became the successor of the Meizu HD50, as it was presented in 2015. The new model <a href=' took off a stainless steel body, ear pads, and a USB-C charging port. According to the company’s statement, the headphones can be used on a single charge for up to 25 years. The stinks also took away the Hi-Fi sound, the noise dampening system, the Bluetooth 5.0 version, the aptX codec support, and two tricks: Fog Silver and Tropical Orange.

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