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Best gamepads under $100 from AliExpress

Purchasing a TV-Box, people around here marvel at the possibility of creating streaming services (on Toutube, Netflix, Megogo…), IP-TV and torrents. But it turns out that practically on all set-top boxes you can also play games. Aje zdebіlshoy here is the same android. The deyaki has awkward games, for example checks, arkanoid chi PakMan, you can play for the help of the complete remote control, but you can’t see the shooter anymore. From one side, you can take a gamepad like PlayStation. Ale, buy a manipulator, which is expensive for the prefix itself, it’s wonderful, isn’t it? And buy more from the Chinese pіdvalu cheaper for $ 20 tezh not varto – you won’t take away your satisfaction. On scho time for respect when choosing a gamepad:

Dodatkovo zvetamemo respect for the versatility with different devices: PC, smartphone, different set-top boxes (for example, Nintendo Switch). Even if you don’t want to use the text, you can also play with the touchpad on a set-top box.

IPega PG-9118

Like the old IPega PG-9118. At the same time, the wines have become cheaper (approximately $ 25), practically up to the limit, lower for a gamepad, you can’t buy it. Tim is not mensh, tse duzhe infidelity touchpad, warty respect. Mayzhe sticks have no dead zones. Change the lining on the cross, finish the garni and the handy buttons and the triggers. 10 years of active grilling per charge. In the middle of a short time, paying a price, maybe, less those who don’t have a dongle to connect to a PC.

GameSir T1s

Inexpensive cob pad touchpad costs around $30 at a time. The new one has a miracle mind. Wide body, handy trim, especially for human hands. Minimum dead zones. Main connection mode indicator. 8 years of active grilling per charge. Nedolіkom є "inexpensive" like vikonannya.

GameSir T4 Pro

Finish a good touchpad for about $40. Expanded multiplatform, supports almost all popular gaming platforms, and dongle supports TV set-top boxes, which changes the lag of connections via Bluetooth. A prozory is a beautiful building with svіchuvannyam. 4 additional buttons, on which it is possible to “put” on the dії, such marriages. Bracket for fixing a smartphone is mounted perfectly, which can be both a burden and a short one. The GameSir T4 Pro has a six-dimensional gyroscope, which is why it will be for the sake of piloting flight simulators and autoflights. Practically, the presence of blind zones and over 10 years of active heating on a single charge is also suitable for everyone.